Tabris 0.6.0 – New and Noteworthy

June 20, 2012 | 2 min Read

https://eclipsesource.comimages/tabris-logo54x134.png does not exist On Monday this week we released Tabris 0.6.0 which is the renamed successor of our last RAP mobile release. Next to the renaming of projects and packages there were a few other changes worth mentioning.

The caching of images in both native clients for iOS and Android has been vastly improved. Images are now fetched from a local cache on your mobile device instead of being transferred over the network each time they have to be displayed. The cache is organized according to a least recently used strategy. Nevertheless mobile devices usually have memory constraints that prevent the use of lots of large images. Even a cache can do nothing about that.

Tabris now supports session handling by cookies and URL encoding. iOS and Android clients can thus even reach servers behind http proxies or in other setups when cookies are disabled on the server.

The Android client got a bunch of minor bug fixes including but not limited to:

  • improved client canvas drawing
  • text size determination has been fixed
  • labels with SWT.CENTER layout are now rendered correctly
  • toggle buttons with text and icon are now rendered correctly

The core of the iOS native client now comes in form of a library as part of the Tabris SDK. This enables you to integrate it in your own native iOS app or just build your own customized client yourself.

Speaking of the SDK, an Android native client is now available directly from Google’s Play Store. This app is a demo of a customized client built with the SDK. It uses the public entry points on a server running the Tabris Demos.