RAP mobile is now Tabris – Tabris SDK available for download

RAP mobile is now Tabris – Tabris SDK available for download

We are happy to announce the availability of the Tabris SDK as a free download. Tabris, formerly known as RAP mobile, is a platform for building mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Tabris - multi platform framework

Tabris is based on Eclipse RAP and offers additional mobile clients built with native widgets. Combining native clients with server-side apps makes app development simple for Java developers without having to sacrifice platform specific look & feel and performance. Tabris offers a large set of UI Controls with SWT API.

The Tabris SDK contains everything a developer needs to build branded cross platform apps:

  • iOS Tabris Framework, Xcode Project Templates
  • Android Tabris Source Code, Android Project Templates
  • Tabris target platform, sample projects and documentation

For developers without access to (or interest in) Xcode and the Android SDK we provide a build-service for branded apps. The service allows you to specify an App Logo, and App Name and the declaration of the server-side app.

The current version 0.6 of the Tabris SDK is a developer preview. Check out http://developer.eclipsesource.com/tabris/ for short demo videos, a list of supported SWT APIs and much more information.