Eclipse Testing Day 2012 Submissions Open

Eclipse Testing Day 2012 Submissions Open

This year marks the third Eclipse Testing Day, where the community gathers for a day focusing on testing with, for and at Eclipse. The event takes place on September 05 in Darmstadt.

The general theme for this year’s testing day is “Testing and Beyond”. Topics of interest include:

  1. Testing Eclipse applications
  2. Testing within the Eclipse Ecosystem
  3. Testing on Eclipse Projects
  4. Design for testability in Eclipse
  5. Case studies of testing projects
  6. Eclipse tooling and technology for the test process
  7. Testing as a part of the application lifecycle
  8. Continuous integration and testing for Eclipse applications

The call for papers is open. If you would like give a talk on one of the given topics, or maybe if you have a visionary ‘beyond’, don’t hesitate to submit a talk.  The deadline for submissions is May 31st.

You’ll find more information on the wiki at