Yoxos: Configuring your bundle pool

April 5, 2012 | 1 min Read

Yoxos not only provides you with a way to pool all your plugins in a single directory, but you can also configure that location.  Eclipse/p2 bundle pooling means that different applications (different Eclipse configurations for example) can share the same set of bundles. This saves both time and disk-space as you don’t need to download the same bundle more than once.

Configuring this location is easy. In your Yoxos launcher directory, location the yoxos.ini file and adjust the following three settings:

[email protected]/.yoxoslauncher/workspace [email protected]/.yoxoslauncher/p2 [email protected]/.yoxoslauncher

You can use path variables (such as @user.home) or absolute paths pointing to an external HD for example.

Make sure you download the latest Yoxos launcher from our downloads page.

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

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