RAP mobile 0.5.5 - New and Noteworthy

March 30, 2012 | 2 min Read

In this post we’d like to give you a quick overview of the latest in RAP mobile, version 0.5.5.


Support for UI Callback

The UI callback mechanism enables a RAP client to automatically update the UI without user interaction. With this feature we can support progress indicators or updates to displays that are triggered by events on the server side. Watch for examples in the upcoming releases.

Label Alignment

Labels and buttons now follow the SWT alignment styles SWT.LEFT, SWT.LEFT, SWT.CENTER.

Bug fixes

  • Rotating a device now correctly re-positions a scrolled composite.
  • The vertical alignment of text in a label is now updated correctly when a relayout is triggered.


Automatic Discovery of Entry Points

To make it easier to access the different entry points of a RAP mobile application running on the server, the iOS client now supports automatic EntryPoint discovery. To list all available EntryPoints, navigate the native client to the server url followed by a “/index.json”. The following URL on the RAP demo server provides you with an example: http://rap.eclipsesource.com/demos-0.5.5/index.json

Property to control idle display

You can now choose to have the display automatically switch off in idle mode or remain on.

Bug fixes

  • Animated widgets are now more stable (they sometimes “jumped” when the animation was playing).
  • We’ve made significant improvements to memory management.
  • TabFolders now support the style argument SWT.TOP.
  • We’ve improved reliability when reloading a session.
  • Centering TITLEs in a ToolBar is now easier - the SWT.SEPARATOR is no longer required.