p2 in DC

March 23, 2012 | 1 min Read

Next week I’ll be at EclipseCon in Reston, Virginia.  EclipseCon has always been my favorite conference and if my math hasn’t failed me, this will be my 6th one.

I’ll be giving two presentations on p2 (and likely spending lots of time in the bar talking about p2).  The first presentation is a very gentle introduction to p2.  In this talk we will introduce p2 more pragmatically, presenting the relevant files (profile, content.xml, …), tools (director, mirror, …) and concepts.

In the second talk, It’s Raining Bytes, we’ll discuss how we scale p2 using a variety of cloud technologies.  In particular, we’ll discuss how we deploy over 64,000 plugins (and over store over 500,000 IUs) using different AWS services.

If you’re interested in p2, Yoxos, Eclipse releng, modeling or anything Eclipse related, look for me in the bar or stop by one of my talks.

I look forward to seeing everyone next week!

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

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