M6 brings markup text support to RAP

March 23, 2012 | 2 min Read

The RAP 1.5 M6 milestone build is packed with new features, especially for Trees and Tables. But most notably, you can now use HTML markup in Tables, Trees, and also in Labels:

Just enable the markup support for a certain widget (see below), then you can make its text bold, italic, yellow or … no, not blinking! Actually, RAP will validate the markup and allows only a selection of tags (no <script> tags, please!). But since the <img> tag is in that list, you can add a smiley instead ;-).

Table table = new Table( parent, SWT.BORDER );
table.setData( RWT.MARKUP_ENABLED, Boolean.TRUE );
TableItem item = new TableItem( table, SWT.NONE );
item.setText( "Some



markup" );****

This also means that you don’t have to break your neck anymore just to add an HTML link to your RAP UI. You can now place real links in any Label or CLabel:

Label label = new Label( parent, SWT.NONE );
label.setData( RWT.MARKUP_ENABLED, Boolean.TRUE );
label.setText( "

RAP project page );

Don’t like the setData() programming? We don’t like it either. But for now, it’s the simplest way to expose additional functionality without changing the SWT API. For RAP 2.0, we plan to come up with some better API for our extensions.

Try out the markup support in our updated online demo! BTW, did you notice that this is a deep link into the demo application? Yes, there was a bug preventing them from working in RAP for long, and it’s now finally fixed! You can now use the BrowserHistory to navigate to a certain point in your application right on startup. Here’s the link to an example page that shows markup in a Table.

And there are more Table and Tree enhancements, such as the fixed columns support that lets you exclude one or more colums from horizontal scrolling. Check out the full list of changes in the New & Noteworthy.

Get it while it’s hot, this milestone is a must have ;-)

Ralf Sternberg

Ralf Sternberg

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