Yoxos 5.5 and Eclipse 3.7.2

February 26, 2012 | 1 min Read

I’ve just pushed 1900+ Eclipse plugins to amazon cloud front for fast delivery to Yoxos users. This includes Eclipse Indigo SR2 plus hundreds of add-on components.  In addition to this, I’ve just released Yoxos 5.5 – a new launcher with some powerful features.  The most notable feature is the ability for Yoxos to co-exist with standard p2 repositories.

Historically, Yoxos managed your install for you. We would pre-compute all dependencies as to avoid p2 installation errors.  This is particularly important for Eclipse components with complicated dependency trees.  Unfortunately, this meant that you could not add your own p2 repositories to the mix.  I’m happy to announce that with Yoxos 5.5 you can now enable the p2 UI. This means you can use our catalogue of Eclipse plug-ins, or simply add your own.

With Yoxos, it’s easier than ever to launch standard Eclipse intalls or try new plugins. Simply download the Yoxos Launcher to get started.

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

Ian is an Eclipse committer and EclipseSource Distinguished Engineer with a passion for developer productivity.

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