EclipseSource Training: The p2 API

October 24, 2011 | 1 min Read

EclipseSource now has a 2 day course that focuses entirely on the p2 API.  Like our other courses, our p2 course reinforces the theoretical concepts with hands-on exercises.  The course covers a wide variety of concepts, including:

  1. The Agent
  2. The Metadata
  3. The Artifacts
  4. The Profile
  5. The Planner
  6. The Engine
  7. Building / Publishing p2 repositories
  8. Touchpoints
  9. Dynamic Provisioning

Throughout the course, the students build a working installer for Eclipse RCP / OSGi applications. The exercises demonstrate proper use of many parts of the p2 API.  In the final section we add dynamic provisioning, enabling the installer to manage and update itself.

The coures is ideal for anybody building a custom provisioning solution, or those looking to extend their knowledge of Eclipse RCP or OSGi.  Please contact us for more information on this course, or any of our other Eclipse based training.

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

Ian is an Eclipse committer and EclipseSource Distinguished Engineer with a passion for developer productivity.

He leads the J2V8 project and has served on several …