Looking at Git Statistics

Looking at Git Statistics

It’s interesting to see how Eclipse projects change over time.  As projects ramp up, hit heavy development and finally start to mature, the flurry of activity changes.  Git makes it very easy to pull out this information. I wrote a small script that shows the number of commits per person, per year (and the total number of commits for that year).  I defined a year to basically be an Eclipse release (July 1 – June 30).

While you shouldn’t read much into any one year (or one person) — and you certainly can’t compare projects with this data — the trends are where the interesting information lies.

Feel free to try it out yourself. Simply put the script in the root of a git repository.  The script goes back as far as Eclipse 3.1 (feel free to add more years).


Note: This is nothing new. You could also use Dash or look at https://www.ohloh.net/.  These scripts just use git log.