Window Builder, Top Indigo Feature #2

June 21, 2011 | 2 min Read

We are one day away from the Eclipse Indigo release, and that means we are into the Top 2 Features On My Eclipse Indigo Top 10 Feature List.  Number 2 on my list has been part of the Eclipse EcoSystem for years, but it’s actually a newcomer on annual release train: Window Builder.

Window Builder is an award winning, bi-directional, Java GUI designer.  The tool supports both Swing and SWT/JFace and is a must-have for anybody designing Graphical User Interfaces in Java.  Not only does the tool allow you to mock-up your UIs, it generates production ready code without any additional run-time dependencies.

The Swing Designer supports JDialogs, JFrames, JPanel, and more.

The SWT Designer supports simple SWT interfaces, JFace dialogs (such as Wizards), Forms, Databinding integration, and support for creating RCP applications.

You can also preview your interface as you develop them:

The bi-directional editing means you can seamlessly move between a Drag n’ Drop designer and the generated code.  Window Builder can be used to get your UI up and running quickly, or to maintain and evolve your UI over the long term.  You can even use window builder on existing UIs – ones that were not originally created with the tool.

Regarded as one of the best GUI design tools available, it’s great to have window builder on this years Eclipse release train.  A special thanks goes out to all the Window Builder committers: Eric Clayberg, Konstantin Scheglov, Alexander Mitin, Andrey Sablin, Jaime Wren, Dan Rubel, Mark Russell, Devon Carew, Rajeev Dayal, Miguel Mendez, David Carlson, Alexander Humesky, Xavier Ducrohet, Raphael Moll, Tor Norbye, Ed Merks, Kenn Hussey, Christian Campo, Neeraj Bhusare, Piotrek Tomiak, and Vadim Ridosh.

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

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