You don't have to use git to access code on github

June 10, 2011 | 1 min Read

I guess a lot of people would agree that github is the current kick-ass platform for developing software. Many platforms showed up fast and with the same speed they disappeared. Github is different. It’s also genuinely innovative. For several months I use github to share small projects (widgets, tools, small plug-ins). When I write a blog about something new I always link the associated github repository.

A few days ago some people mentioned to me that it’s great that the sources from my posts are open but they can’t install git on their machines due to security restrictions in their company. They aren’t even allowed to install egit as an Eclipse plug-in. But there is  good news. You don’t have to use git when you want to get sources from github. You can download every branch from every (public) github repository without git. When you browse to a repository you can simply press the download button on the right and download the latest version of the repository as zip or tar.gz. Is this simple? As I said, it’s a kick-ass platform ;)