EclipseCon Impressions - Monday

March 23, 2011 | 2 min Read

This is my first blog post under the EclipseSource roof. Thanks for all the greetings and congrats!

I shortly want to summarize my impressions from the EclipseCon yesterday (Monday):

Tutorial: What every developer needs to know about EMF. Since I was one of the authors I am not going to comment on the quality of the tutorial ;). About 80 people joint the tutorial and the number of participants did not decrease during the 3h tutorial. That should be a good sign. Jonas has blogged the contents of the tutorial in this blog post so no need to go into detail.

Efficient, Scalable Notification Handling for EMF. Listening to the changes of huge object graphs in EMF can be tricky, especially if you add adapters to many objects by many different listeners, which only trigger under certain conditions. Currently in EMF you can only register an adapter in general and you cannot specify conditions when the adapter should be notified. This can be a performance issue. The talk showed an event manager for EMF notifications which allows to register listeners including conditions when to notify the listeners. It is really cool that this component exists now, we have already partially developed custom solutions for this problem, now we can use this sophisticated implementation.

Tired of CVS? The talk presented how a streamlined work flow with Git, Gerrit, Mylyn and Hudson could look like. In the work flow a developer uses Mylyn to track requirements and tasks, EGit automatically manages change sets and committing to EGit automatically creates a code review in Gerrit and triggers a Hudson build. Looks like a beautiful new world to me!

Workshop: Tycho Build Conversion I tried to get the EMFStore build running with Tycho and Maven and it worked out pretty good. I did not get the build completed, but I had to leave after 1h. Overall I had the impression that building with Tycho could really be an option and I will definitely go and investigate this further. A good cheat sheet for converting an existing build to Tycho is available here.

Finally I went to the committer reception…meeting people and drinking beer ;).

Maximilian Koegel

Maximilian Koegel

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