What do Scout, EGit, Xtext, p2 and RAP have in common?

September 8, 2010 | 3 min Read

First, they are all Eclipse projects. But I think you already knew this. The second thing they have in common is that they are all part of the Eclipse Stammtisch on September 15th in Karlsruhe (Germany). It’s an honor to announce that all these projects will be presented by top developers who play an important role in their projects.   I would believe that until the Eclipse Summit Europe this will be the last chance to hear this many first class talks. If you are in or around Karlsruhe on September 15th feel free to join us and take the opportunity to see all the mentioned technologies in action.

Who’s speaking at the Stammtisch?

  • The first talk will be an introduction by Ralph Müller. If you know Ralph you also know that this will be very interesting and you will learn something new about the Eclipse Foundation.
  • After Ralph, Matthias Sohn and Stefan Lay from SAP will start the technical talks with an overview of the EGit project. Egit is an Eclipse team provider for the popular git version control system. I had the opportunity to hear their talk in Mannheim a week ago -  it’s definitely worth to listening to.
  • The third talk will be about p2, the Eclipse provisioning technology.  Ian Bull is coming all the way from Canada - so its a special chance to meet Ian live.
  • The next speaker isn’t traveling thousands, but hundreds of kilometers to the Stammtisch. Peter Friese is travelling from Hamburg (Germany) to Karlsruhe and will provide a great talk about Xtext.
  • Andreas Hoegger has agreed to present a very young Eclipse project called Scout. To get you familiar with this application framework Andreas will travel from Zürich (Switzerland) to Karlsruhe.
  • Last but not least Benjamin Muskalla will hold the last talk. To round out the evening, he’ll speak about the integration of other Eclipse projects with RAP.

How much does it cost?

  • Attending the talks is all for free.
  • But I think the speakers will appreciate a frosty beverage donation after the Stammtisch. ;)

What do you have to do to attend the Stammtisch?

  • First of all you need to read the information on the EclipseSource Stammtisch website.
  • After this you can add yourself to the doodle for the Stammtisch. Please let us know if you are coming. Only this makes it possible to organize the event well.

I think this will be a unique opportunity to see these talks in the casual atmosphere of a Stammtisch. Thanks in advance to all speakers for agreeing to participate and for making this evening possible. It’s a great honor to have you all in Karlsruhe.

After the talks we will all go over to a small Italian restaurant and talk about the topics over a frosty beverage. You are free to join this round and network with the speakers and audience. If you’re not able to attend the Stammtisch you also have a second chance. I think all of the speakers submitted a proposal for the Eclipse Summit Europe. You can attend this event by following the steps described here.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Stammtisch. I will also be there and try to answer questions about RAP ;)