RAP 1.4 M1 is out

August 20, 2010 | 1 min Read

After the Helios Release, we are one step closer to Indigo. RAP 1.4 M1 is now available. From the new features, here are my personal top three:

  1. We have a new implementation of the SWT Tree widget which is faster, more flexible, and provides many new features.
  2. In order to support new application servers that already ship with Servlet API (javax.servlet.*) 3.0, RAP is now able to leverage the new Servlet specification. Deploying RAP on application servers like Tomcat 7 or Glassfish 3 is now possible.
  3. Since RAP 1.3 you can easily use IApplications instead of IEntryPoints. With this milestone the RAP launcher supports choosing and launching IApplications.