Mars Rover Challenge Revival

Mars Rover Challenge Revival

Some of you might remember the Mars challenge back at the last EclipseCon? – well; it’s back.
Now that the Eclipse 4.0 SDK released, we ‘d like to introduce to you the revival of this challenge –  on RAP.

We re-implemented the e4 Mars Rover client, single sourced it using RAP and are now presenting the RAP Rover Challenge. We use our own server now and since we don’t have the original EclipseCon rover and arena we simply simulate those on client side using the data we get from the server. However old clients should be able to adopt to the new server using this URL: – with the slight difference that there is no picture sent by the server.

For those of you who have not heard of it, here’s how you use it:

You should simply visit the challenge site (or click on the screen shot below) and sign up for control. When you gain control, hit the targets and score points. Check out after if you were able to beat the current high score.

If you are interested in the e4 client code you can find that here.

Have fun – we hope you’ll enjoy our e4 + RAP showcase.

The original rover at the EclipseCon

The e4 mars rover client on the web