RAP and Eclipse Helios in a minute

June 28, 2010 | 1 min Read

As part of the new Eclipse Helios, the Rich Ajax Platform project released version 1.3. If you’d like to know what is new in RAP 1.3, here’s a short screencast.

You can find a more detailed version on the RAP 1.3 New and Noteworthy page.

Thanks to the community for all the hard work that made this great release possible.

Of course, we are currently making plans for RAP 1.4, which will be part of Indigo. Therefore,  we started a discussion on the plan items on our newsgroup. We’re looking forward to another great year with Indigo.

Please note: since the time of this post, RAP has been rebranded as the Remote Application Platform. Find out more about RAP on the RAP overview page.