Using Equinox Security in RCP and RAP

May 13, 2010 | 1 min Read

I finally had the time to care about one of my outstanding tasks - provide a tutorial and example how to use Equinox Security. While the tutorial was initially targeted for RAP users, I also added a launch config and a target definition for RCP as the code is the same for both runtimes. The tutorial will provide some hints and pointers how to setup your login procedure, like shown below:

After logging in (hint, hint), you’re able to inspect the currently active Subject. I made up this example to be as simple as possible to demonstrate the key concepts of Equinox Security, and not the ones from RAP/RCP.

As I said, you can either choose between RAP as runtime (above) or RCP (below).

In addition to the authentication mechanism, I wrote a pretty simple LoginModule to show how to connect your authentication process to an alternative backend (eg. LDAP, Kerberos, …).

As I put the tutorial into the Eclipse wiki, I encourage everyone to extend the tutorial with hints, tricks or ideas what you can do with Equinox Security. Hope the tutorial helps to get up to speed how to use secure your RCP/RAP applications.