Name Your Workspaces

Name Your Workspaces

Here’s a nice Helios feature that comes in handy when you often work with multiple workspaces simultaneously (as we recommend for developing single source application with RCP and RAP). If you do, you probably know this which-is-which guessing when looking at your taskbar (or window switcher):

How can you distinguish your Eclipse instances? How can you tell in which workspace you are editing? There is a commandline parameter -showlocation that appends the workspace location to the window title – not very helpful either. Now since Helios M6, you can give your workspace a name in the Workspace preference page:

This name is then displayed in the window title:

Much better, isn’t it?

  • Posted at 06:34, 2010-04-19

    This is a very handy feature. Thanks!
    I keep atleast 2 workspaces open and sometimes its tricky especially when switching b/w windows. I now create custom perspectives (over Java or PDE) and name them with a label that’ll help me recognise the right IDE in the windows taskbar.

  • Posted at 11:00, 2010-04-19

    This is awesome! Now I can throw away my own dirty plugin that used to augment the window title with the workspace name every single second 😉

  • Laurent.B
    Posted at 14:10, 2010-07-11

    Great !

    It was an awaited feature !

    It just stays to complete the embeded documentation :p