EMF and RAP – what a lovely pair

EMF and RAP – what a lovely pair

During the last weeks, Kenn and I worked together to support EMF generated editors running on RAP. I’m always mesmerized by how effective such synergies can be used when people from different teams work together for a bigger goal. Kudos to Kenn for his great work in EMF by refactoring the EMF UI bundles (namely o.e.emf.ui.common and o.e.emf.ui.edit) in order to single-source them. But what does that mean for the community?
Go out, grab EMF & RAP M6 from Helios, get your model ready, fire up properties view and switch “Rich Ajax Platform” to true. Hit the magic “Generate All” button and you’re done – an EMF backed RAP application.
For the details, please refer to the EMF/RAP integration wiki page.
In case you want to see what else is going on in the RAP space right now, I’ll be giving a RAP 1.3 N&N talk tomorrow at EclipseCon. Hope to see you there!
  • André
    Posted at 22:26, 2010-03-22

    WONDERFUL!!! 😀

    Congrats for the great work!!!

  • Posted at 03:43, 2010-03-23


    That is wicked cool. Question: you mention to use “generate all”, but can we use existing EMF.Edit (and core) functionality for the most part? IOTW is it mostly the editor parts that are different? I ask because like most people almost all of my editor logic is in EMF Edit.



  • Posted at 10:45, 2010-03-23

    Also available with a good look: https://twitpic.com/1aei3n

  • Posted at 01:47, 2010-12-21

    I also just did this :

    (with screenshots)

    And it’s not just EMF Editor UIs on RAP, the EMF objects are backend by Teneo+Hibernate (+MySQL). Awesome! 🙂