Helios M6 RCP package

Helios M6 RCP package

The new EPP packages for Helios M6 are uploaded to the download area and just need some more hours to be distributed to the Eclipse download mirrors until we can make them available for the public from eclipse.org/downloads. The mirroring is important, because otherwise the eclipse.org uplink would be entirely saturated and no one could get the Helios M6 bits in time before EclipseCon.

In the meantime, I’d like to highlight some additions that I recently did as a package maintainer of the RCP package. (If you don’t know what a package maintainer is you should consider joining my talk on Monday about ‘Building EPP packages‘.)

  • git is becoming more and more popular at Eclipse and EGit is always one of the first plug-ins that I am installing whenever I unpack a new Eclipse milestone on my computer. The logical step: Include EGit in my RCP package because I think that I am not the only one who needs this tool.
  • Another addition that I recently made is the RAP tooling. My daily work has changed and in the last months I am doing more RAP development than RCP development. I am not entirely sure if one needs both in one package, maybe RAP needs to go into its own package, but so far I think both technologies  complement each other. I am happy to get feedback – see bug 230357.
  • Last but not least: The Marketplace Client (MPC) is included to allow early feedback – the developers of this nice tool need your feedback to bring it into the best possible shape for Helios!

Now let’s wait until the packages are available… and I need to go back preparing my EclipseCon slides.

  • Posted at 15:38, 2010-03-19

    great to hear 🙂

    hopefully we don’t run in some situations where P2 includes optional RAP depenencies into IDE


  • Posted at 00:26, 2010-03-20

    hi markus,
    seems to be dangerous.
    all works well, but suddenly we got rap into the IDE

    so I remembered your blog 😉

    reason: there was in one bundle a MANIFEST.MF with dependency (package import) org.eclipse.ui.swt
    and RAP was in the IDE

  • Posted at 03:14, 2010-03-20

    Hi Markus,
    I dont know whats the reason, but since some hours RAP always comes into the IDE after doing some updates: