Two New Projects at Eclipse: Virgo and Graphiti

Two New Projects at Eclipse: Virgo and Graphiti

Today, the Eclipse Foundation announced two new projects at, Graphiti and Virgo.

The Graphiti project aims to offer an Eclipse-based graphics framework to enable easy development of state-of-the-art diagram editors for domain models. SAP plans to contribute the developed framework. This could have a large impact in the Eclipse Modeling space where graphic modeling is only getting better and better. The contribution is also important because SAP is showing that it’s strongly committed to the Eclipse ecosystem.

The Virgo project will provide a runtime platform for the development of server-side enterprise applications built on top of Equinox, and optionally using modules from the Gemini project. On top of that, the Virgo project solidifies the EclipseRT vision that a lot of us have been preaching for awhile.

Want to learn more about EclipseRT? Check out the whitepaper.

Another thing to note about the Virgo project is that tooling will be coming along but contributed to specific projects at Eclipse.

Developer tools that provide support for Virgo are out of scope for the Virgo project as part of EclipseRT. However, the Virgo team also propose to work with the existing WTP and PDE projects to contribute relevant developer tools for Virgo to those projects. These contributions will be based upon the existing Bundlor and dm Server development tools projects detailed below.

So far, it looks like three out of twelve zodiac signs are taken for OSGi related projects.

Which one will be next :)?