Drag and Drop in Eclipse RAP

Drag and Drop in Eclipse RAP

Support for drag and drop just made it into the RAP source code repository. You can use the same API as known from SWT and thus re-use even more code when single-sourcing RCP applications.
It will be available in the M4 build. In the meanwhile you can check out the sources from CVS and explore the new functionality online (go to the List page).


There are still some things left to do, for more details see this bug. We would be very happy to gain feedback about how your existing drag and drop code works on RAP. In case something doesn’t work as expected, please drop us a line or open a bug.

  • Fred
    Posted at 14:04, 2009-11-28

    Even multiple line drap/drop works, neat !

  • andrei
    Posted at 11:15, 2009-12-18

    Is there any way to style a Section in RAP? In RCP the section gets displayed ok, but in RAP it doesn’t have any color(s) in the title bar… And not to forget, I need this trick for RAP 1.2..

    Thank you?

  • Ruediger Herrmann
    Posted at 14:15, 2009-12-18

    @Andrei: please use the newsgroup [1] to ask general questions about RAP.
    [1] https://www.eclipse.org/rap/support.php#newsgroup