EclipseRT Usage

As an Eclipse committer, I love to see Eclipse technology used in a variety of places.

Last week, at the EclipseRT Day in Austin, Austin Riddle and Cole Markham from the Texas Center of Applied Technology gave a presentation on how EclipseRT technology is used in emergency management and threat simulation scenarios.


They get bonus points for a Movember reference in their slides.

eclipse 'stache

They also had the coolest Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) usage I have ever seen.

EclipseRT RAP

Cover flow widgets, sweet!


Cool huh? Feel free to browse the slides.

I encourage anyone else in the community that is working on cool stuff using Eclipse technology to tell your story if you can.

  • Stefan Hansel
    Posted at 23:59, 2009-11-23

    What did say say about scalability ?
    Any numbers or that its just a challenge ?

  • Posted at 21:26, 2009-11-24

    Pretty damn nice…. even if they weren’t Aggies it would still be awesome… 😉 j/k

    This looks really, and for the first time I think I like the Rich Ajax Platform or rather beginning to see its great utility (i.e. the Kool-Aid is starting to taste nice).