EclipseRT & RAP around the world

November 23, 2009 | 1 min Read

We’re all looking forward to talk about EclipseRT, Equinox and RAP at the DemoCamps around the world. In case you want to catch us and talk about Eclipse and related topics, just join one of the DemoCamps near you. Besides many other interesting talks, we’ll mostly cover EclipseRT, RAP and p2.

Ottawa, ON, Canada - November 24 - Jeff McAffer (EclipseRT) Braunschweig/Hanover, Germany - November 25 - Benjamin Muskalla (RAP) Stuttgart, Germany - November 26 - Jordi Boehme Lopez (p2) Kaiserslautern, Germany - November 26 - Holger Staudacher (RAP) Frankfurt, Germany - November 26 - Benjamin Muskalla (EclipseRT,RAP) Vienna, Austria - November 30 - Chris Anisczcyk and Jeff McAffer (RAP,EclipseRT) Karlsruhe, Germany - December 3 - Markus Knauer, Benjamin Muskalla (EclipseRT) Hamburg, Germany - December 4 - Jochen Krause (RAP)

I’m really looking forward to see you at the DemoCamps, as always it tends to be a lot of fun!