20 days of Mommitting

20 days of Mommitting

We’ve reached the 20th of Movember and its time for a progress report from this Eclipse Mommitter.

  • Shaved in the ‘stache earlier in the week
  • Kids just could not stop laughing
  • Wife would not look at me or kiss me
  • After a week there has been some progress.
  • The kids have finally stopped laughing (though now “pull the ‘stache is the game of the day)
  • Wife will kiss me but still can’t really look at me

Here, judge for yourself.

Day 20 of Movember

Its a little strange to be out in public with the new look. I spent much of the week on the road for the EclipseRT days in Austin and Toronto.  Great events with lots of good people around.  I particularly enjoyed that there were ample breaks between sessions and lots of good conversations. And it turns out that the whole Movember thing is a good ice-breaker.  Even got a donation out of it! Valentin Baciu, another Mommitter of similar moustache design donated more to the cause.  Thanks! The Eclipse Mommitter team is up to $2200 now.  Pretty good effort but we could always use more donations.