Spread Sheet in the RAP Incubator

Spread Sheet in the RAP Incubator

I am very pleased to see that the first code arrived in the RAP incubator project. The contribution consists of the very early steps towards a spread sheet component.


It is still in the proof of concept phase. The goal so far was to find out whether a spread sheet that is composed of existing widgets could work with regard to performance and usability. This seems to work out rather well. As a consequence of composing the spread sheet of existing widgets the same code runs on SWT as well.

In case you whish to play around with it or even contribute, the source code can be obtained from CVS and resides in the incubator/spreadsheet module.

  • Posted at 21:27, 2009-11-23

    Very cool Rüdiger!

    Is it possible to update the RAP Incubator web page?

  • Ruediger Herrmann
    Posted at 15:10, 2009-12-03

    @Chris: Thanks for the suggestion. I added a section to the incubator page.