EclipseSource in Vienna

EclipseSource in Vienna

Jeff McAffer and I will be in beautiful Vienna the first week of December.

Vienna Athena

Thanks to the accommodating DemoCamp organizers, we will be presenting EclipseRT and Toast at the Vienna Eclipse DemoCamp. There are already over 50 people registered!

As always, if you’re in the area and want to grab a frosty beverage, please let me know. I would love to hear what the Eclipse community is doing in the Vienna area! I’m always looking for food and frosty beverage recommendations. I hear there are good cakes in Vienna and that Stiegel is pretty good!

Stiegl Beer

  • Tom Schindl
    Posted at 21:42, 2009-11-12

    Looking forward for a great event – I’m sure we’ll find a “Beisl” to have a beer

  • Posted at 22:16, 2009-11-19

    Stiegl beer is from Salzburg. Next time use “Ottakringer”