Riena at the Eclipse Summit Europe

October 26, 2009 | 1 min Read

If you are at the Eclipse Summit Europe this week, here are some interesting talks about the work going on in and around Eclipse Riena:

* Eclipse RunTime Tutorial, Tue 9:00-12:00, Seminarräume 2-4 – This tutorial connects the dots between different runtime technologies, such as Equinox, Riena, RAP and EclipseLink

* Eclipse Riena Project - Overview and a new UI concept for RCP applications, Wed 11:20-12:00, Seminarräume 2-4 – This overview of Riena focuses on the framework’s UI concepts. Learn how to use navigation, styling and filtering to build better RCP applications.

* SWT Platform on QT - Overview and Demo, Thu 16:00-16:20, Seminarräume 2-4 – I’m very curious about this session. The screenshots I have seen looked very exciting. And the promise of taking advantage of QT’s extensive customization capabilities and build-in CSS support is appealing. Personally I’ve found SWT to be quite restrictive when it comes to styling and theming, so I am interested in all approaches that expand what you can do.

Kind regards, Elias.

PS: I’m not attending this year, but several of my Riena colleagues will be there.