Ever wondered about Eclipse as a runtime technology?

Wanted to know what this OSGi stuff was all about?

Thought that Equinox was just a really big cruise ship or that Toast was just for breakfast?  Well, now’s your chance to find out.

After a few hiccups and admirable efforts by Wayne Beaton and Sharon Corbett, the contribution of Toast to the Eclipse Examples project has been cleared and committed.

This is particularly exciting because it’s just in time for Eclipse Summit Europe‘s EclipseRT Tutorial and Symposium and the upcoming EclipseRT days (did I get enough plugs in there Ian?). Phew!

Why is this interesting. First, Toast is kinda cool in its own right. From client/server to fully dynamic to Google Earth integration embedded in a device and in a Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) application to provisioning using p2 and much more, there are tons of examples of what you can do with Eclipse technology. What’s better is that several projects in the EclipseRT community are stepping up to showcase their capabilities in the context of Toast. For you, the community, it means you can go and see how to use the various bits of EclipseRT function in real life.

The other milestone related to this is the Simon Archer, Paul Vanderlei and I just submitted the complete first draft of the OSGi and Equinox book to the publisher. You don’t need to wait however, you can get it now in electronic form.