EclipseRT Tutorial and Symposium

EclipseRT Tutorial and Symposium

EclipseRT_Logo_MediumCool logo and cool sessions at ESE.

At ESE in a couple weeks we are running both an EclipseRT tutorial and symposium. A full day of runtime fun!  No idea what I’m talking about? EclipseRT is the community of people at Eclipse that are creating and using Eclipse technology in runtime (i.e., non-tooling) scenarios.

Turns out that there are a great number of projects involved and not just the ones in the RT top-level project.  BIRT, EMF, GEF, … all have runtime elements. The RT project itself hosts such leading runtime technology as Equinox (the OSGi and JSR232 reference implementation) EclipseLink (the JPA2 reference implementation), Jetty (very popular embeddable web server) and a host of other great projects like RAP, Riena, Swordfish, ECF, eRCP etc. No wonder we need a whole day to talk about all this.

The day starts with a 4 hour EclipseRT tutorial covering the Equinox, OSGi, server side use, tooling, RAP and single sourcing, Riena and EclipseLink. The tutorial will build on input from previous symposia where nearly everyone commented on the need for a good end to end example of Eclipse in the runtime world. We are using Toast, the example application from the upcoming OSGi and Equinox book and now part of the Eclipse Examples project.

After a full morning of learning, we’ll have a bit of an unconference style symposium to talk about issues and topics in the EclipseRT world. While the direction will depend significantly on who shows up, we hope to cover architecture and how promote integration and adoption, community issues such as release trains, repo organization etc and experience reports from the real world.

Presumably this will all be followed by a number of frosty beverages.

Check out the event wiki page for more information and evolving discussion topics.