Reverting Changes in an Eclipse Installation using p2

Reverting Changes in an Eclipse Installation using p2

I was helping a colleague with some Eclipse install issues and was surprised he didn’t know about the ability to revert to a previous install configuration. Equinox p2 makes the revert process sane compared to the old Eclipse Update story. So everyone knows, to revert to a previous configuration of an Eclipse install, this is what you do…

First, open the About dialog and click the Installation Details button:

About Eclipse SDK

From the list, you can select a previous configuration and click the Revert button to go back in time:

Eclipse Installation History Dialog

It’s that simple!

As a bonus in Eclipse 3.6, you’ll be able to compare two configurations to see differences via the Compare button:

Comparing Install Configurations using p2

Once you do that, you should see a compare dialog with the changes:

Comparing Installation History using Equinox p2

Hope this helps!

  • Jens Cellai
    Posted at 04:01, 2009-10-02

    I was not aware of this function to do this. Thanks!

  • Posted at 04:42, 2009-10-02

    Coincidentally, I was just looking up how to do this programmatically via commandline today using p2.director and the -uninstallIU flag.

  • Posted at 10:11, 2009-10-02

    Amazing … that worked for you? Never did for me.

    The p2 guys may argue that some of my plugins are faulty … but that sounds to me that the plugin development process still has some way to go. I mean it shouldn’t be possible to deadlock an Eclipse install just by adding another plugin.

  • Steve Robenalt
    Posted at 19:26, 2009-10-02

    Looks like Nick answered my question before I could ask it. Thanks Nick!

  • snowplow
    Posted at 09:28, 2011-07-26

    may you give me the source of the p2 reverting ?