Yoxos, Galileo SR1, TÜV and a Contest

Yoxos, Galileo SR1, TÜV and a Contest

The Yoxos team has been really busy as of late. The free Yoxos OnDemand download service is getting lots of new function and with the release of Galileo SR1 last week, the OnDemand repositories have been updated to include all the latest Eclipse bundles.  Thousands of people use the free Yoxos service to reliably get and maintain their Eclipse tooling.  Now they can get the latest Eclipse and thousands of compatible components in one spot!

At the same time as doing all that, we worked to get the Yoxos SecureSource validation process certified by TÜV. Turns out that the TÜV certification is perhaps the news of biggest impact to the community. It means that you can now get thousands of OSGi and Eclipse components that have been validated as trustworthy using a process certified by an internationally recognized standards body.

Most Germans will know TÜV from the inspection they have to do for their cars every two years. TÜV engineers certify cars as roadworthy and safe. But TÜV does way more than that. It is a global organization specialized in testing, inspecting and certifying product safety, quality and usability in many areas. We looked around the office and found the all of these everyday TÜV certified things.

In addition to things impacting your physical safety, TÜV certifies all manner of software including virus checkers and now software component validation processes.

Why is this interesting?

Basically there are whole industries out there that cannot use Eclipse and open source because it’s seen as untrusted. This certification of Yoxos SecureSource means that Eclipse and OSGi can be used in security critical applications or mission critical toolchains where trust and validation are key concerns. More users of Eclipse in more domains means a bigger ecosystems and more adoption. Good news for everyone!

For fun, we looked around the office and found the all of these everyday TÜV certified things and thought it would be cool to run a contest. The first person to correctly identify 5 of the pictured TÜV certified products wins a free lifetime subscription to our new super secret Yoxos product coming out by the end of the year.


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