Galileo SR1 EPP Packages – Preview

Galileo SR1 EPP Packages – Preview

Only 4 days until the final Galileo SR1 bits are going to be released on Friday, time to write about some good news:

First of all, there is bug 281501 “64 bit Cocoa EPP packages should be available” which is currently the most wanted bug at Eclipse. I never thought that I would ever be the one who owns the bug with the highest number of votes, but finally it is solved and 64-bit Cocoa packages will be available with Galileo SR1. If you have a Mac and if you are able to run these packages, download one of the 20090920-1025 builds, test it and report on the above bug. I would be thankful for additional testing because I am lacking the possibility to test on this platform.

Another great achievement is the ability to upgrade the packages with the help of p2. This morning I tested to upgrade several Galileo packages to the new service release and it worked very well! Look at the About Dialog of the RCP package before the upgrade  – I started with a pristine download from

About Dialog - before

Then I had to modify the URLs of the p2 repositories in Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites – see the screenshot below. Note that this step is only required until the final bits are released, because they are only available from a temporary location at the moment. After the release nobody has to change anything here, especially the EPP repository URL is only temporary for build 241.

Galileo SR1 pre-release URLs

The last step is the update itself (Help > Check for Updates). This takes some time, but at the end I could restart my Eclipse RCP package and it started with the new Galileo SR1 version:

About Dialog - after update to Galileo SR1

I am happy to see this working!