EPP Wizard with Extended Proxy Support

September 9, 2009 | 1 min Read

Finally I’m happy to announce the long expected extension of the EPP Wizard for proxies. Now the EPP Wizard provides an extended P2 installer which allows you to edit the proxy-related settings. The extended P2 installer has a dialog where you can select a proxy and enter the credentials for it. This feature should be used in cases where the proxy needs full authentication (user name and password). For all other use cases, the P2 installer works fine. The new dialog looks very similar to the dialog “Edit Proxy Entry” on the “Network Connections” preference page of Eclipse. The proxy support is already contributed to the P2 installer with the following bug.

To use the new proxy functionality select the check box “use manual proxy settings”.

Extended P2 Installer

Than the “Settings…” button is activated. Select this button to open the proxy dialog. On the dialog page you can select a proxy schema and enter all needed information for it.

Proxy Settings Dialog

If you encounter problems or have any ideas how to improve the functionality, please don’t be shy and send us suggestions through our feedback form on our download site.