Reminder: Equinox p2 and RCP Webinar

Reminder: Equinox p2 and RCP Webinar

Next Tuesday (September 15th), I’m going to be presenting a free webinar to introduce you to the Eclipse provisioning platform, p2, and how it can be leveraged in your own RCP applications.  If you are wondering what p2 is, or how to use it in your own custom RCP application, this webinar is for you!  In particular, we will be looking at how p2 can help you:

  • Deliver your bundles and features
  • Provide an update mechanism for your application
  • Provide a mechanism for users to control their environments (roll back, un-install, etc…)

This course is meant as an introduction to the p2 API.  We will be building on top of standard Eclipse examples so there are no prerequisites outside of basic RCP knowledge.  This webinar will make use of the Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) API.

I only have an hour, so I will try my best to cover:

  • Make use of the p2 provisioning platform for software management
  • Integrate the creation of p2 repositories into your build system
  • Reuse the p2 user interface and existing work-flows
  • Customize the p2 user interface for your specific needs
  • Debug common pitfalls

Is there anything else people would like me to include if time permits?

The webinar will be free, however, you will need to sign up ahead of time to get a login.  Please see our registration page.

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