Recap: EclipseDay Googleplex 2009

Recap: EclipseDay Googleplex 2009

Last weekend, I attended EclipseDay at the Googleplex with about 200 other people. The day was filled with great talks and special thanks to our Google hosts for making the show really smooth. The majority of the presentations have their slides posted now, here are some of my favorite talks:

Eclipse in NASA Mission Control

Jeff Norris offered a fascinating story of how NASA is adopting Eclipse technologies such as RCP, EMF, GEF, CDO and server side Equinox in order to build mission-critical tools to control robots on land, in the air and in space. If you want to learn more about NASA and Eclipse, check out the last part of this webinar.

Eclipse in the Enterprise: Lessons from Google

Robert Konigsberg and Terry Parker took us through how Google is leveraging Eclipse on the inside. Inside of Google, they created their own Eclipse distribution and used Debian packages to help with the provisioning of plug-ins. This solution somewhat worked, but Google experienced a myriad of issues with the “links” folder, corruption and the pain of perfoming live updates. Then Eclipse Ganymede came out and they were introduced to p2:


p2 filled the void that their previous “provisioning system” was filling, but caused havoc because p2 was significantly more advanced than the previous update system at Eclipse. At first, there was some learning pains, but Google decided to embrace p2 and use it to manage their distributions after some prototyping:


The p2 solution works well for Google because it avoids corruption and makes it really easy for users to try new things via their local p2 profile. This is one of the benefits of p2 because it guarantees that if you can install something, it will be able to run.

On the whole, I’m looking forward to the next EclipseDay and maybe this time, we’ll see something on the east coast 🙂