Eclipse e4 on the web

August 25, 2009 | 2 min Read

With e4 0.9 out in the wild, we should think again about the goals e4 tries to provide. One of them was to reduce the gap between Desktop and Web - not only speaking of reusing widgets but also to enable the platform handle multi-user scenarios. While the core e4 team concentrated on eliminating bad smells like singletons, the RAP team worked on better support for single sourcing applications in general. With an experimental version of RAP which includes some features not yet in the current release, we were able to run the demo out of the box including the whole underlying infrastructure like the modeled workbench - without touching the e4 code.

If you take a look at the RAP Demos page you’ll find the e4 contacts demo running on RAP. If you want to try it out yourself or even help to contribute to this effort, take a look this wiki page. In case you’re interested what you can do with e4, be sure to participate in the e4 webinars.This week, there will be Part 2 with topics like RAP, the Compatibility layer and the flexible resources model. Looking at the questions that came up in the last RAP webinar and the first part of the E4 webinar, people seem to be very interested how e4 and RAP play together. I’ll try to answer the open questions during the webinar this week. Looking forward to a great event.