OSGi and Equinox Webinar Posted

OSGi and Equinox Webinar Posted

Last week Chris Aniszczyk and I did a free three hour OSGi and Equinox Jumpstart webinar.

Yesterday we posted the whole thing as a six part series of movies on the EclipseSource webcast site.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

osgi webinar

The webinar was aimed at people who’ve heard the buzz around OSGi but still don’t have a great feel for what it is, what you do with it and how it helps. We covered a pretty broad range of topics from the overall vision and context for OSGi to key concepts like bundles, classloading and componentization as well as PDE tools for writing bundles. Quite a bit of time was spent talking about services and best practices, in particular declarative services (though we did not have enough time to talk about OSGi distributed services). We also spent time talking about p2 provisioning of OSGi bundles and showed some of the scenarios where OSGi’s dynamic module system shine.

Overall the response was great.  We were experimenting a bit with the format and basically did thirty minute chunks covering a topic and then a few minutes to cover questions that people typed in. Several hundred people signed up from all over the world and turnout on the day was awesome. The format seemed to be compelling as even though the webinar was pretty long (we were completely wiped by the end) the vast majority of the attendees stayed to the end.

The EclipseSource team has been doing a number of webinars over the past months including some on RAP single sourcing, p2 and our Yoxos products. We have a plan for more webinars including ones on ECF, Zest and other projects in which we are involved. 

Stay tuned for details!