Single Sourcing Webinar: RCP and RAP

Single Sourcing Webinar: RCP and RAP

This Thursday (July 9th), there will be a webinar on the topic of single sourcing and in particular, extending Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications to the web using the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) project.

Don’t know what single sourcing is all about? Well, if we look at the traditional definition from the publishing industry:


Sounds like a good idea?

How about we take that a step further and talk about source code and runtime environments:


In our definition of single sourcing, you’re able to take desktop applications built with RCP and run them on the web using RAP. During the webinar, Ralf Sternberg and Ruediger Herrmann will explore the differences between RAP and RCP that are especially relevant to the goal of single sourcing as much code as possible. This means that you’re able to reuse a lot of code and skills in single sourcing projects. If you’re still a bit fuzzy on the topic, a concrete example of single sourcing in practice was the Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) project:

Eclipse MAT on RAP

So what are you waiting for, please register for the webinar!

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