Eclipse Galileo RC4 is out!

Eclipse Galileo RC4 is out!

Good news, Galileo RC4 is out and available for download.

Why is this good news? Well, if we look at the Galileo calendar, Galileo GA’s next week!

Eclipse Galileo Calendar

If you want to get Galileo a bit faster, I highly recommend supporting Eclipse development by becoming a Friend of Eclipse. By donating a bit of money, you get access to Galileo earlier and you get access to a faster download mirror. Note that you can use this mirror for other Eclipse releases, including when Eclipse starts releasing 3.6 milestones. I personally find the mirror worth the small donation. I’m able to get my integration builds much faster than usual 🙂

If you like to blog, the Eclipse Foundation is hosting a Galileo blog-a-thon. The rules are simple, blog about Galileo and get your choice of a ‘Friend of Eclipse’ membership, a customized t-shirt or a golf shirt. If your blog entry happens to be really good, you have a chance at winning an Eclipse jacket and a full pass to EclipseCon 2010 or Eclipse Summit Europe 2009.

If you’re into Twitter, become part of the Twitterati that are following the Galileo release!

There will also be a virtual conference entitled Galileo in Action. There will be talks about Mylyn, ECF, p2 and more!

Galileo In Action Conference

If you want to learn more about the Galileo release, I highly suggest you register and attend.

Other than that, enjoy Galileo!