Galileo RC3 Packages Released

June 8, 2009 | 2 min Read

As of a few minutes ago, Galileo RC3 EPP packages are available from the Eclipse website. You can download them via a direct link to the Galileo RC3 packages website or by opening the main Eclipse download page.  Note, if you go that way, you need to switch to the “Develompent Builds” tab.

Why am I writing this? The main reason is that we - myself and all the other package maintainers - like to get feedback about the packages. This year, we provide even more packages! There will be a new PHP package (the name is self explanatory) and the Pulsar package which contains the bits from the Pulsar Working Group.

Back to the main topic: Feedback. If you want to send us bug reports about the packages, you can do so by pressing the “more…” link on one of the download pages:

This will bring you to a page where you can find in-depth information about every package. On the right-hand side, you will find a section with download links, MD5 and SHA1 checksums, but also relevant Bugzilla queries and a direct link that allows you to send bug reports about a particular package.

But before opening a new bug, please read through the list of open bugs to avoid duplicates and consider filing the bug against a particular project if its related to a project and not to the package itself.

…and the logo that appears on every web page reminds me again: Galileo arrives in just a few weeks!