Free OSGi and Equinox Course

June 4, 2009 | 2 min Read

OSGi has been in the press a lot lately. Everywhere you turn, there is some new product or project adopting the technology. From Eclipse to Apache to Spring. From servers to desktops to embedded. OSGi enables the creation of highly modular, dynamic Java-based systems.

In honor of the Eclipse Galileo release, Jeff McAffer and I will be giving a free online OSGi and Equinox course on June 30th. The content will be based on the upcoming Equinox OSGi book and the Toast example used within the book:

Never heard of Toast? Well, it’s an example application for telematics. What’s telematics? Well, according to Wikipedia:

it’s the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics. More specifically it is the science of sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices.

You tend to see telematics in car navigation systems… like OnStar. A typical telematics system interfaces to the devices in the vehicle and provides some sort of user interface for interacting with or managing the devices. More sophisticated systems connect to a control center over a wireless network and allow remote control of the devices. Toast covers all of these bases as it interfaces to a simulated GPS and airbag system, provides a UI for a touch screen and communicates with an OSGi-based control center using a variety of protocols.

It’s a three hour course. The first two hours will be dedicated to covering OSGi topics, using Toast as an example. However, the last hour will be reserved to go over questions and what people suggest on this blog post’s comments. Note that we can’t cover everyone’s suggestions, but we’ll try to pick the best suggestions given the time constraints.

So what are you waiting for, please register and leave feedback on the blog!

We hope to see you at the end of this month!