Java One - Good looking apps with RAP

June 1, 2009 | 1 min Read

If you are at JavaOne, drop by the Eclipse Foundation (Mo 5-7pm, Tu 11:30-1-30) or EclipseSource booths (all week) for a demo of the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP).

In my demos, I’ll focus on the CSS customizations and enhanced theming capabilities that ship with the new with RAP 1.2 release (Galileo).

Here’s a screenshot showing a ‘RAP Addressbook’ application:

It is inspired by Kai’s recent work on the E4 Contacts Demo, but based entirely on my own codebase. I wanted to use a slightly richer data-model and UI, as I want this to become a replacement for the dated ‘Palm Desktop’ application I’m using. What you see is my progress after one day of work. It’s still very alpha, but you can get the code on github.

The second screenshot shows the same app using the new ‘business’ example theme:

With RAP 1.2, we have added the ability to customize the header, footer and part-stacks of the application. This is build on top of the Platform’s Presentation API but with our own extension points that should simplify things. You can find this under ‘’ in the RAP CVS. Look forward for a blog post decicated to this topic later this week.

See you at Java One!