Eclipse on Rails and Rockets

Eclipse on Rails and Rockets

I highly recommend that people take a look at the ‘Eclipse on Rails and Rockets‘ EclipseCon 2009 talk. It’s exciting to see what consumers of Eclipse technology have been doing. In the first part of the talk, we learn that the Swiss Federal Railway has been using RCP to monitor trains…


In the talk, I was amazed to learn that a lot of this process used to be done by hand before:


Thankfully, they decided to use Eclipse RCP with cool visualizations and a lot of workbench windows:


For the second half of the talk, we got a peak at what NASA has been doing for the past 5 years with Eclipse RCP. In particular, the work with the Mars Exploration missions was mesmerizing to watch (zoom in on that surface!):


The NASA folks also discussed how they are using Eclipse in other missions now:


In the end, the NASA folks presented a slide which tickled my interest:


From what I understand, it looks like NASA has grasped the benefit of building platforms. Platforms are all about components. Once you start building components (via Eclipse/OSGi), it’s easy to see how a platform can materialize. I would be curious to see if NASA has a “platform team” internally now that is responsible for their Eclipse-based technology to be consumed by other NASA departments.

So what are you waiting for… sit back for about 40 minutes and enjoy a great talk!

  • ABC
    Posted at 20:19, 2009-06-02

    German railway uses a similar system, but with higher complexity (german rail network is much more complex and with more traffic). The system is called “RUT-K” and AFAIK it is implemented in Smalltalk.

  • Posted at 15:10, 2009-06-22

    @ABC: RUT-K handles train path construction and timetabling. The swiss railway system is a near realtime disposition system (rcs-d). You can’t say these systems are similar.
    Besides: The swiss railway timetabling system is based on OSGi too and was nominated for the award on this years EclipseCon(09).