Where do you get your bundles from?

Where do you get your bundles from?

Where do you find your bundles?  When a new version of the Eclipse IDE is released do you spend the day (or week) tracking down all your favorite tools?  Of course we have a the Eclipse SDK and a bunch of pre-built packages. We also have the release train with a number of Eclipse projects, but what if you want bundles that are not hosted at Eclipse.org?  What about tools like Checkstyle, ANTRL, and EclEmma?  What bundles do you need for your version of Eclipse?  Do these conflict with existing plugins?

On Thursday, Jordi and I will be presenting a Webinar about Yoxos, our free Eclipse download service.  Yoxos brings together a large collection of Eclipse and 3rd party bundles into one convienent location.  Yoxos started as a Eclipse distribution in 2004 (much like a Linux distribution), but it has grown into a complete provisioning solution for Eclipse users.  Using Yoxos On Demand, you can create a custom distribution from over 4,000 different bundles.

In the webinar, we will talk about how we built Yoxos, how you can construct a custom distribution and share it with co-workers, how you can share your workspace settings with others, and the future of Yoxos.  We will also talk about some exicting new things we are doing at EclipseSource and provisioning in general.

Please join us on Thursday at 11:00am Eastern Time.

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  • Posted at 18:16, 2009-05-13

    Yoxos look promising. I’ve been using Eclipse for my Java development for more than 2 years and the introduction of services like Yoxos will really help the developers like me.