Eclipse Galileo is Coming Soon!

Eclipse Galileo is Coming Soon!

It’s that time of year again… we’re getting close to release time at Eclipse!

This year we have a fancy new webpage and logo for Galileo:

Eclipse Galileo

We also have a Twitter Birdsnest for the Twitterati out there:

Galileo Birdsnest

As a reminder, it’s possible to get involved with Galileo before it’s released by helping test Galileo! Eclipse committers appreciate the level of testing from our users, so why not help and do some testing!?

See you June 24th!

Oh also, Friends of Eclipse get access to Galileo earlier. So please donate!

  • Posted at 19:26, 2009-05-13

    btw, Galileo date is June 24th. I hope you aren’t planning to be late. 🙂

  • Posted at 22:55, 2009-05-13

    In some ways I think we should be promoting the community testing a lot sooner. The main reason, is that waiting until M7 and the RC1 candidates, makes it very difficult to fix any bugs that are found. The sooner we promote testing the better we can make the product.

  • Joe Bloggs
    Posted at 00:44, 2009-05-25

    Intellij IDEA has had some performance issues with v8.
    Is Galileo going to make me want to not upgrade to v9?

  • Celio
    Posted at 01:08, 2009-06-03

    Where can I find the changelog? I want to know what are the new features and enhancements of Galileo. I can’t find that information on

  • David Pérez
    Posted at 08:21, 2009-06-05

    Is a little hidden the improvements.
    Here you can glimpse some of them: