Poll: What OSGi services do you care about?

Poll: What OSGi services do you care about?

The other day I announced that new content for the upcoming OSGi and Equinox book is available on Safari Rough Cuts. Cool.

A few people commented on the post and to me privately that they would really like to see certain OSGi Compendium services covered.  Some of the ones mentioned surprised me a little as frankly, I’ve never had cause to use them.  But that’s just me.  What about YOU?

Well, to find out I set up a Doodle poll listing the various services.  Please select the ones you care about or think are interesting/important to have covered in a book.

We are not guaranteeing that all the top picks will be covered as space and time are limited, but your input will definitely help guide us decide what to include and in how much detail.

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