Remote provisioning with p2

Remote provisioning with p2

A  number of people have been asking for copies of my Runtime (r)evolution talk from EclipseCon.  Unfortunately a consequence of doing a presentation zen style talks is that the raw material is not that compelling on its own.  In my case each slide has one word or picture and there are a set of demo movies.  So, I decided to start making a series of short webcasts that each cover a part of overall topic.  This is the first such webcast.

In this webcast I demonstrate the use of p2 to define, provision and manage remote Eclipse, Equinox and OSGi-based systems. In particular, we use base p2 but adapt and extend the mechanisms and create a central management server that remotely manages and synchronizes the software on clients, vehicles in this example.  There are a number of cool things happening under the covers. I talk about some of these and others will be the subject of future blog posts by me and others on the team.

  • Neville Harrison
    Posted at 04:03, 2009-05-05

    Wow. Very interesting. I’m trying to do something along these lines with OSGi but without the P2 sophistication. I want this! Now to find out where to start down the P2 track. Thanks for the demo.

  • christian campo
    Posted at 08:27, 2009-05-05

    very cool webcast…..I like it. Just what I was looking for when we talked here in Germany.

    I look forward for the next onees coming….

  • Posted at 02:58, 2009-05-08

    Cool! The title of this demo is a bit misleading though: p2 (as far as I know) doesn’t do remote provisioning (I wish it did). Is your remote provisioning “magic sauce” going to be open-sourced or integrated into p2, or will it be part of a commercial product?

  • Martin Dilger
    Posted at 19:50, 2009-05-17

    Hi Jeff,
    very cool demo! is there any sourcecode available?

    Thanks in advance