Summer of Code — Congratulations students

Summer of Code — Congratulations students

20 Eclipse projects were accepted this year for Google Summer of Code and you can see the complete list here:

Congratulations to all the students!!!  This year we had close to 100 proposals, and I’m happy to say that many of them were very, very  well thought out, it’s too bad we could not accept more.  I encourage members of the Eclipse community to review the list and see if there are any that peak your interest. While each student has been paired with a mentor, the students should be working with the Eclipse community as a whole.  As Wayne and I chatted at EclipseCon it became clear — The code we get from the students in Great, but getting new students immersed in the Eclipse community is even more valuable.

For students, hopefully we will get them blogging about their work.  If any students (or mentors) wants access to the Eclipse SOC blog, send me a note. Or better yet, file a bug against PlanetEclipse.

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